A Gratitude List

In two days, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving here in the U.S. I love this holiday because it encompasses everyone. It’s sole purpose is to give thanks for what we have, not what we don’t have. Regardless of how difficult 2020 has been, we all still have A LOT! We often dismiss the gratitude part as if, “we know how grateful we are, we don’t need to think about it and we definitely don’t need to write it down.” But is that true?

Well, “No” would be the answer to that question. Being grateful and having a grateful heart is a great first step, but today I’m going to challenge all of us to write down 25 things we’re grateful for as we live and breathe on this beautiful fall day in November. Why do we need to write it down? Why is that step so important? Here are 5 great reasons:

1. Reduces Our Stress

2. Boost Our Immune Function (critical during a pandemic, don’t you think?)

3. Keeps Our Memory Sharp

4. Boosts Our Mood

5. Helps Strengthen and Regulate Our Emotional Health

That is a rather powerful list for strongly suggesting we journal on a regular basis, wouldn’t you agree? Journalling is a powerful tool, but today simply agree to writing down all that you are grateful for as we head into Thanksgiving. 25 things. What we focus on expands. If you want, ask your family to write a list, too, and bring it to Thanksgiving dinner; take that time to share what you’re all grateful for. Not writing the list won’t necessarily change your life in any significant way, but actually writing the list absolutely will! It’s your choice.

With Gratitude,


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