A Bad Decision

Last night I was watching the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football. What a debacle that was! My hopes were set rather low and they were met—and then some. Carson Wentz (QB) is having a deplorable season, but Doug Pederson, the head coach, wins the prize for bad decisions (in my mind). On 4th and 2 in their own territory, and after an abysmal first half, the Eagles decided to go for it. KJ Wright, of the Seahawks, swatted the ball down and the Eagles turned the ball over on downs. Seattle went on to score (and win). Ugh. Heavy sigh.

Oh well, Pederson is human, right? We all make bad decisions from time to time (although not in front of millions of people, I hope). But, more importantly, how do we recover from a bad decision? Are you lamenting a bad decision right now? Was it recent or maybe it was a while ago? No one is truly exempt from making a bad decision, but how we recover is far more important.

Here are 3 “simple” steps to recover from a bad decision. First, OWN IT! No excuses. Second, ask yourself why you made that decision to begin with, so it doesn’t happen again; really put some intentional thought behind it. Third, after completing Step #2, focus on the present. Do NOT dwell on the past; it serves no purpose. Forgive yourself, if necessary. Create a positive list of “will do” items and forget the negative list of “I wish I had done.” Look, if you aren’t playing well, never go for it on 4th down in your own territory—lesson learned! On a positive note, Mr. Pederson, I loved your bold and confident mindset.

With Gratitude,


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