Our Wake Up Call

What is your plan for 2021? When one full year passes by, and you are drinking your coffee on a Tuesday morning in December of 2021, what do you want to be different? What are you committed to making happen between now and then? Is it work related? Does it have to do with a relationship? Is it about your health? Take a moment to look back: Do you know where you were on December 8th, 2019? What changed?

Some of you have heard me tell this story. Before becoming a coach, I asked myself that question one year: “What changed from last year to this year?” The answer was the WAKE UP CALL I needed. The truthful answer I shared with myself on that fate-filled day was this: “Nothing!” And it hadn’t only been one year that nothing changed, it had been several. As I heard myself say “Nothing,” I vowed that would not be the case ever again.

So, I’ll ask it again for me and you: What is your plan for 2021? Now is the time to start making a plan. Time will continue to tick away—pandemic or not. The only thing we are in control of is our actions. Daily actions, even baby ones, produce results. Drifting is not a plan, although it will produce results, just not the ones you want. Take ownership of your life. And if you don’t have The Wake Up Call it’s time to get it. This is your 365-days of baby steps! No excuses. We want (maybe even need) 2021 to be an AMAZING YEAR, and we are going to intentionally make that happen. Let’s GO! WE GOT THIS!

With Gratitude,


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