Amazing IS Possible

Yesterday I was listening to a virtual conference that I was actually a part of, Being Unapologetically You Conference Series. The host, Bethany Clemenson, was sharing a story about a time when she was unhappy and unfulfilled, but she used some language that struck a chord with me. She said, “I didn’t know better. I just assumed that being unhappy at work was normal. I assumed a tumultuous, unhappy relationship was normal, too. I didn’t realize that I was worthy of so much more. I was readily accepting what should have been unacceptable simply because I didn’t know.”

WOW! If I could scream this from the rooftops, I would. I VIVIDLY remember arguing with my boyfriend as a senior in college and thinking, “Well, my parents argued a lot, I guess this is the best I can expect.” I was willing to accept a rocky relationship because I didn’t think AMAZING was possible. I thought AMAZING was too much to ask for. I thought AMAZING was UNREALISTIC. And then I met Doug. And if I’m being completely honest, there are still occasionally days, 28 years into the marriage, that I question if I’m worthy of him.

So today, if you are unhappy at your job—that is not ok! It is not a cross that you need to bear. There is an AMAZING job out there waiting for you. If you are unhappy in a relationship or you’re not in a relationship and want to be—that’s not ok either! There is an AMAZING relationship waiting for you! If at any point in your life you have said, like I did, “Oh well, this is my lot in life,” you are 100% wrong! I was 100% wrong when I thought it years ago, too. You are worthy of AMAZING. We are all worthy of AMAZING. And AMAZING will meet us halfway when we recognize and accept our worthiness. Can you say it? “I’m worthy!”

With Gratitide,


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