The Flaws in Perfection

Here is a short story I hope you find both interesting and applicable. There was this guy named Benny who felt lost and completely alone. During this incredibly sad time walking on the streets of Virginia, he met Katie. They were perfect for each other. He loved her and was so grateful for her companionship; and she loved him and was so grateful for his unconditional love. In Katie’s own words, she described Benny as, “Perfect!”

But one day Katie started to realize he wasn’t “perfect.” He had some flaws. Nothing big. Little flaws like occasionally he wouldn’t listen to her or he fell asleep on the coach, or he chewed a shoe. (If you didn’t realize yet, this relationship is a dog rescue.) The love they have for each other is still amazing, and Benny still doesn’t see ANY flaws in Katie. Even though Katie knows Benny has a few “flaws,” and he’s puppy for goodness sake, Katie will still tell you, “Benny’s perfect.”

Benny and Katie are a great lesson for all of us. We are ALL flawed—that’s what makes us human. If we are looking for the flaws in others, we will surely find them, and we will miss the beauty and the love. Benny arrived in our home in October knowing none of us. He spends the entirety of every day loving all 6 of us. He has yet to see our flaws, and I assure you there are many. Could you or I go a day without seeing the flaws in other’s? Probably not, but perhaps we should try. Loving others is far more joyful for everyone. If I can look past your “flaws,” then hopefully you can look past mine. It’s time to spread the love! Take Benny’s lead…but don’t chew any shoes! Hehe!

With Gratitude,


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