Start With A Post-It Note

Every year I take the time to write down my goals. They are rarely written before the new year rolls around; it usually takes me about two weeks into January to get them completed. I use basically the same topics every year: Spirituality, Family, Relationships, Career, Fitness, Financial, Lifestyle, Home. I am suppose to revisit them at least once a month, but sometimes, that doesn’t happen. Life gets in the way. But they are always there for me.

Most of you will read this post and ignore it. Written goals are “not for you,” or you “don’t have the time.” That may be true, but I just finished reading my 2020 goals and I know EXACTLY where I was successful and EXACTLY where I fell short. I know who had the greatest influence on me and I know the biggest risk I took. I know what I wanted to do less of in 2020 and what I wanted to do more of. I know exactly what areas needed work and what areas were already going well. And I know I set out to lose 10 lbs. and I did not lose one ounce. I know all this because I wrote it down.

Make it really simple. Start with a Post-It note. That’s right, I’m suggesting the SMALLEST possible version of goal setting imaginable. Pick 3 of the categories from above and write down a goal for each one, and post it where you will see it EVERY day. My goal setting is 20+ pages long, but I believe the Post-It is a PERFECT starting point. I’m going to do it, too. Goals with targets and due dates usually happen because we take action. If we want things to change in 2021, we have to start with writing it down somewhere that we will see it regularly. There is so much more to goal setting, but this is a great start.

With Gratitude,


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