Yes or No?

We start off each new year with high hopes generated by resolutions and goals of what we are going to accomplish this time around, right? We are going to lose weight, get a new job, make more money, get our finances in order (finally), get organized, live a fuller life, travel more, etc. Does this sound eerily familiar? Does it sound like Ground Hog Day? I know.

There is nothing wrong with resolutions or goals, but I have a little tweak that might help. What if we added what we would like to say, “No,” to in 2021. Resolutions and goals are about what we are going to do, but I want to know what we are going to STOP doing. And not only WHAT we will say “No,” to but WHO we will say “No,” to.

Here is the truth, our cup is already full. The reason we made all of these resolutions is because we had too much going on. We can’t possibly put more into a cup that is already overflowing. So instead of adding new resolutions, think about subtracting what’s already here. You might just find that more cathartic. And once it’s eliminated, it requires no upkeep. Give it a shot, eliminate or say “No,” to just one thing today—and make it a solid “No,” that you will sustain for the year. Make room for all the good things you really want more of.

With Gratitude,


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