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What if you truly knew how to handle difficult conversations at home or at work? What if you had a template to follow so those conversations wouldn’t keep you up at night ever again? And what if you were given the environment to ask all the questions you have about difficult conversations so they would never again cause you to worry, feel stressed, or make you sick to your stomach? Wouldn’t you want to know? Yes, me too!

Please check out my Emerging Leaders class that begins THIS Tuesday, January 19th at 6pm (EST). You can sign up on my website at Here are some of the details below.

  • If you know someone who you believe would be a good fit, but has financial concerns, please reach out to me directly at These are trying times. Finances will never be reason to not attend one of my classes.

2020 is FINALLY behind us! NOW is the time to invest in YOU!

Enroll in: The Emerging Leaders Development Program

This 6-week professional development program is designed to help leaders, like you, to accelerate your professional development and advance your careers. This program is comprised of six live online calls, each consisting of a one-hour interactive workshop that meets each week.

In each class, I will explore all of these individual topics in-depth. I will provide perspective on how and why each of these topics can play a critical role in your career development. The interactive component of these calls will allow everyone to engage fully in the curriculum. After each call, you will have a firm understanding of how you can take the next step to improve that particular aspect of your professional development. Completing all six classes will put you in a position to successfully and confidently advance your career. 

The 6 class syllabus includes: 

  • 1. NAVIGATING your upward mobility with career mapping.
  • 2. Creating a PRESENCE — letting your voice be heard and increasing your exposure, especially in virtual meetings. 
  • 3. How to handle DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS, as well as how to NEGOTIATE better in work and life.
  • 4. How to effectively leverage your POWER.
  • 5. FAILING forward—without fear.
  • 6. How to build your RESUME – by  being  the person you want to see on your resume.

With Gratitude,


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