Motivational Monday!

We went to D.C. this past weekend to visit two of our daughters. On Saturday night, after being asleep in our hotel room for about an hour, we were both awakened by this loud and consistent thudding noise. On further inspection (at 12:30 am), we come to find out it is our “neighbor” playing loud music. Doug wanted to call the front desk, but I was fearful of retribution. We go back and forth for a while but, ultimately, we agree we want a new room— far away from this room. Doug visits the front desk at about 1 am; they apologize profusely and move us to a new (and very quiet) room. By 2 a.m., we are again asleep.

Although that is not how I wanted to spend my Saturday night, my simple hotel story is so indicative of life. We are all often in a situation, quite regularly I might add, when we are not happy about what is going on or how we are being treated. Maybe this dilemma is at work, at home, or with friends/relatives. We absolutely get to decided, just like Doug and I did, whether we speak up or not. Do we tolerate how we are being treated, intentionally or unintentionally, or do we put an end to it? And more often than not, we silently allow it to happen because we are fearful of what will happen if we speak up. Does this sound familiar?

Today, I am asking us to identify one situation in our life where we are not speaking up for ourselves. This has been going on for awhile now and we have kept our mouth shut out of fear or not wanting to make waves. It’s time for us to speak up and let our voices be heard. Aren’t we finally ready to no longer carry the weight of this situation? Look, I really value sleep and that particular sleep I was actually paying for, so I found my courage. What will help us find our courage now? It’s time. Speak up. It will be good for everyone!

With Graitude,


P.S. We will be discussing Cal Newport’s, Digital Minimalism, on Wednesday night this week. Whether you have read it or not, it should be a good discussion. More on this tomorrow.

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