Status Quo

For whatever reason, I keep seeing the words, status quo. Does that ever happen to you—words or things keep grabbing your attention for no apparent reason. Status quo has a Latin derivation meaning “unaltered state,” but you already knew that. So that led me to thinking of what would be categorized as status quo in my life that I definitely do not want to be status quo.

Here are some topics for all of us to mull over as we think about the status quo. Start with what is most important: your family, your marriage, your friendships, your colleagues, and think about how you can nurture these relationships. Take a good look at work—what has become status quo here that could use some purposeful attention. There are other topics, too, like your spirituality, your finances, your health (physical and mental), personal growth, leisure activities, etc. that could benefit from us checking in and asking if the status quo is where we want it to be.

Status quo is not necessarily a bad thing, but if we don’t check in and ask ourselves every once in awhile how things are going, we can end up in a place we don’t want to be. Humans love the status quo; it lets our fight or flight response relax. The mind says, “All is well in the world.” I won’t argue with that, but I will ask, “Could it be better?” Only you know that answer. Ask yourself, “How could I make this better?” There’s always something. So have fun doing it!

With Gratitude,


PS Tonight at 5 pm is our discussion on Cal Newport’s, Digital Minimalism. The Zoom link is here, so please join us! Our next book for March is Simon Sinek’s Find Your Why. If you haven’t yet, I hope you’ll join the book club (it’s free!) and read Sinek’s best seller!

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