Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

First, and most importantly, Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone from the Fitzgeralds to YOU!!

The other day I heard Denis Morton say, “You should…but then again, no one likes to be should-on.” Isn’t that the truth? Maybe “should” leaves a bitter taste in our mouth because we don’t like to be told what to do or because, deep down, “should” makes us feel badly about ourselves from a disappointment or shame perspective. Either way, Denis is right, “no one likes to be should-on.”

But today we are going to use “should” for good—and I promise no bitter aftertaste. The “should” we are going to use is coming from you and going to you. Write down MUST, SHOULD, COULD and begin to populate what those items are for you. Try to have 3 solid MUSTs for the day; SHOULDs and COULDs aren’t nearly as important. Often times, we turn to the SHOULDs and COULDs before we tackle the more challenging MUSTs because they’re easier. This priority system can help us become incredibly productive with all the right things.

Imagine not only how productive we would become with this strategy, but also how successful. Getting things done is one thing, but getting the right and most important things done is a whole different game. Give it shot. It’s a 5-minute task that will set you and me up for success—why wouldn’t we do it?

With Gratitude,


P.S. I hope you’re reading Finding Your Why by Simon Sinek! Beth’s Book Club 2021 will be live on Zoom talking about this great book 2 weeks from today (3/31). It’s a short read, you’re not too late. It’s about discovering your purpose. Please join us!

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