Friday’s Quote

“Rest. Sleep. Let your mind have the dreams she desires and let your body have the peace she deserves.” Unknown

It’s Friday and the weekend is just hours away. It’s a good day! But sometimes we head into the weekend without a plan to rest and refill the tank. Refilling the tank can mean different things to different people. Is it your mind or your body or both that desperately need a rest?

For the body, there is a rest day and a recovery day and they are not the same. A recovery day is when we are still working out, but a rest day is a day off—completely! Does your body need a rest day this weekend? What about your mind? Do you ever think about giving your mind the day off? Are you continually checking emails over the weekend? The body will often beg for a break, whereas the mind never does, even though it should. Will you be intentional this weekend about giving your mind a well deserved break?

“Rest and be thankful.” William Wordsworth

Waiting for our bodies or our minds to ask for a break is not a good precedent to set—it’s the equivalent of waiting for our car to run out of gas before we fill the tank. We would never do that to our car and I will argue that your mind and body are far more important than your car. Ask yourself today, “How will I intentionally give both body and mind a well deserved rest this weekend?” Start by putting the phone and the laptop away!

“Take a rest; a field that has rested yields a beautiful crop.” Ovid

With Gratitude,


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