True Beauty

The other day I randomly thought about beauty. What makes someone beautiful? Not physical beauty, that’s obvious; I was thinking about real, authentic, inner beauty. Knowing someone with this kind of beauty is, in my opinion, a rare gift. Here is what I concluded are some of the attributes of a truly beautiful person.

A beautiful person is someone who is without jealousy, they never compare themselves with others, and they don’t gossip. A beautiful person sees you, genuinely listens to you and accepts you for who you are. A beautiful person sees the beauty deep inside of you. A beautiful person is genuine and authentic, completely aware and accepting of their own imperfections. A beautiful person is alive and lives their life with spontaneity. A beautiful person is curious, has an intense interest in the world, and keeps an open mind. A beautiful person is appreciative and grateful at all times. A beautiful person is passionate and lives their life with a mission to leave this world better than before. A beautiful person is optimistic and joyful to be around. A beautiful person is self-aware and confidant, yet humble. A beautiful person treats others, and themselves, with kindness. And finally a beautiful person is courageous to be authentic at all times.

Genuine inner beauty is rare—really rare. It may be what we all strive for, I know I do. I hope thinking about the attributes of a true beauty, especially in 2021, is something you find helpful. We can all improve our inner beauty and I think the world will benefit from us doing so. Here’s to becoming more beautiful!

With Gratitude,


P.S. If you have other attributes that I missed, please email me at

This picture is from Peru, one of my very favorite places!

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