Mustering Up Courage

Yesterday, we celebrated Memorial Day here in the United States, which is the day we honor and mourn the military personnel who have died in the performance of their military duties. We saw a lot of flags flying here yesterday. Our town, and many others, hosted events to commemorate these brave men and women. My father and all of my uncles served in WWII, although none of them died during their service.

I believe Memorial Day is very important. I have never served in the military, but it’s an important role that takes a tremendous amount of courage to sign up for—one that you completely understand at the outset that you are putting your life on the line. Now that is some serious courage—one that I can’t even comprehend.

How does that courage tie back to you and me? What is it that you and I have not been courageous about at work or in our life? Surely it’s not something that we would be putting our life on the line for, right? So why aren’t we being courageous? Can we use these heroes as inspiration to tap into our own courage? Our courage may pale in comparison, but it’s still courage nonetheless. Today, I hope you’ll join me in mustering up the courage needed to move forward with that one thing that’s been gnawing at you (and me). Maybe you can do it in honor of your loved one that served, I know I am.

With Gratitude,


This is a picture of my dad while serving in the Navy in New Guinea. He fervently enlisted after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

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