Water Under The Bridge

What happened to Motivational Monday yesterday? Funny story. I wrote a lovely post yesteray about Father’s Day (and Mother’s Day). When I was finished writing and editing, I pressed the big blue “Post” bar on Facebook, like I do everyday. I then moved on to WordPress to paste the post to my blog. I couldn’t get into WordPress because it appeared to have been hacked, so I reached out to my tech support for help. With the blog temporarily out of commission, I circled back to Facebook to check on my post, only to find that it had disappeared—it was nowhere to be found—completely gone! I was not happy. I now know why the The Boomtown Rats wrote, “I don’t like Mondays.”

Do you ever have days like this? Not only did everything go wrong, but then I had no time to fix it. The rest of my morning was booked with appointments, so I had to simply let it go. I thought about rewriting the post in the afternoon, when my scheduled freed up a bit, but then I reconsidered. The better “Motivational Monday” thought was going to be on Tuesday, and that was going to be about bad days and surrender. If we can let it go, “it” being those days that simply don’t go as planned, then we win. Fighting and resisting only makes matters worse. “Water under the bridge,” is the best analogy. Imagine the opposite; imagine trying to stop the water—it’s impossible and it will only make us frustrated and exhausted.

So today, if things don’t go as planned, let it go. Everything is going to be O.K. I knew all of you would survive without Motivational Monday. Your thing may be bigger than mine, but almost everything gets better if we stop fighting and resisting. If your thing didnt go as planned, like me, here are some thoughts. I’m not asking you to surrender the task, just the resistance to the outcome that you wanted when you wanted it. It’s water under the bridge. It’s going to be O.K., I promise. Start anew today. Begin with a really deep inhale through your nose, hold that breath for a long 4-6 seconds, then release it through your mouth. Repeat after me, “It’s going to be O.K.” It really is.

With Gratitude,

Beth Fitzgerald

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