The Upgrade Is Now Available

This morning, after at least a month or two of dismissing the daily notifications, I finally performed the upgrade on my laptop. I wanted the upgrade, but I never seemed to have the time to shut everything down and allow my computer to perform the necessary functions required for the upgrade. I haven’t assessed the improvements yet, but presumably it’s now functioning at a much better level then before.

An upgrade, by definition, is an improvement. Advancements are made every day in the computer industry, so if we had to buy a new computer every time there was an improvement, we’d be poor. People are the same as computers in that way. Improvments are available to us every day. What makes us different is one small, but subtle, distinction. A computer upgrade consists of both new additions as well as changes to old things. The computer is indifferent to the changes—it readily accepts both. People often readily accept additions, but unambiguously resist change. Additions are seen as hacks, but change means we have to leave our comfort zone.

What upgrade could you use today? Have you been dismissing some “daily notifications” that could benefit you? Does your upgrade fall under time management, work-life balance, happiness, health and well being, career mapping, mental health, relationships, etc? My computer wasn’t upgraded until I actually took the time needed to perform the necessary functions and the same is true with us. You and I are important. We need to stop putting our needs to the side with an, “I’ll get to that later,” mentality. Today, say yes to this long overdue “upgrade.” Consider it the TLC that you deserve. It might be an addition or it might mean we have to make a change. Both are good for us. Take the time!

With Gratitude,


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