If My House Could Talk

If you live in the United States, I hope you had a fantastic holiday weekend celebrating the 4th of July. Here in NJ, Doug and I spent most of our weekend completing tasks on our home that needed to be done. We scrubbed brick, fixed toilets, painted bedrooms, scrubbed Adirondack chairs, cleaned the grill, potted plants, scrubbed railings, etc. In the end, we were exhausted, but we are very please with all that we accomplished and how our home looks now that all of this work is complete.

That’s what home ownership is—constant and never ending improvements! And, of course, this made me think of me and you. Home improvement is exactly like self-improvement – if we don’t make a constant commitment to little improvements on a regular basis, we are very often saddled with a bigger problem down the road due to neglect. As the adage goes, ‘You don’t wait until there’s a hole in your roof to replace your roof.’

The things that needed to be fixed around our house were obvious to me, but is self-improvement just as obvious? What improvements about yourself would you like to make? Here are some ideas: acquire a new skill, find your purpose, get fit and healthy, improve self-esteem and/or happiness, avoid self-criticism, improve your time management, or add your own here. If my house could talk, I know it would say, “Thank you! I feel so much better about myself now!” And I bet, you and I will say the same thing, too, once we make some much needed or perhpas long overdue self-improvements! These improvements should be like little gifts we give to ourselves— these improvement are FOR us. Let’s go! We got this! We deserve this!

With Gratitude,


These chairs were basically green when we started! Bleach is a wonderful thing!

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