You Do You!

Last night, after dinner, Doug and I took all the dogs for a walk around our neighborhood. Taking all three of them is no easy task because they all pull relentlessly until they get a bit tired. After they settle in, each one of them, true to their breed, behaves accordingly.

Sophie (L) is the sheepdog, so she’s the herder. Benny (C) is the hound, so he’s the hunter and, therefore, the sniffer. And Ella (R) is the Saint Bernard, so she’s the sherpa mountain dog and the puller. The beauty of walking them is watching how true to form they are—no one tries to be like the dog next to him or her. No one feels inferior or inadequate. No one gets insecure. No one gets jealous or tries to compare. They just are. Each dog owns his or her own individuality. It’s beautiful!

Comparing ourselves to others is as ridiculous as Sophie comparing herself to Benny. Sophie will never be a hound—ever! Sophie is fantastic at being Sophie! Could Sophie improve? Sure, I guess, just as long as she’s not doing it because she compared herself to Bennie. You’re amazing, so stop comparing yourself to others, it will only bring you down. You know the expression: You do you! Own you. Love you. Embrace the authentic, original, and perfect you! Don’t take my word for it. Ask Sophie, Bennie, or Ella, because they never ever have a bad day! Never ever!

With Gratitude,


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Three Amigos

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