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“No battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy.” ~ Helmuth von Molke the Elder, Prussian general

I was reading an article by McKinsey & Company about leadership. The woman who was being interviewed had been in the U.S. Army, served two tours in Iraq, and she used the military quote above. I had never heard the quote before, but it has been attributed to many military leaders. This quote, although very relevant and applicable to the military, I believe it translates perfectly to our civilians lives as well.

Here is what I see daily when clients first come to me: fear in moving forward. They know all the reasons they can’t or won’t move forward. They have essentially accepted defeat without even engaging in battle. But they come to me because they know they don’t want to accept defeat, they want to succeed, they just need a little help. Fair enough, right? We have all been in that spot.

What if we start by ACCEPTING that no battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy? It can’t, there are too many moving parts. But that is no reason not to engage at all. We can all relate to being afraid to move forward, but if we prepare properly and we know it probably won’t go as planned, we will be as ready as we possibly can be. The truth is, we can (and WILL) talk ourselves out of anything—but it’s the brave that will move forward. Which one are you? I’m here to help. Be brave! You want this and you DESERVE this. Let’s GO!

With Gratitude,


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