Motivational Monday!

I was watching a show this past weekend, and one of the characters said, “Strong relationships boil down to one simple thing: give more than you get.” Powerful, right? This is such a simple statement that we might gloss over it because we believe we are already giving more than we are getting—but are we?

I have a relationship right now that is struggling a bit. I was definitely giving more then I was getting, but this is where it gets interesting. In my frustration, I thought, “Now it’s their turn to give. This relationship is already lopsided, I’m not giving any more.” My error, I believe, was that I was OK with it being lopsided, but I didn’t want it to be TOO lopsided, so I pulled back. This quote reminded me that, “giving more than we get” isn’t about keeping score. If you love someone, and you’re in a place to give (not financially, but of yourself), then continue to do so. Love will eventually right the ship; scorekeeping will definitely not.

This is not about being taking advantage of, that’s a completely different story altogether. Look at those closest to you—is there a struggling relationship? Have you pulled back? Are you keeping score? Has it become a little too lopsided for you? Are you willing to invest some more without looking for anything in return? Here is the beauty of giving, even if it’s not recognized or appreciated (to your liking): giving is good for the soul. Giving is an act of love, regardless of how it is received. If we are looking for something in return, it’s not really giving, it’s bartering. And it’s certainly not love. Give it a try. I am!

Let’s Go! WE GOT THIS!


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