The Art of Noticing

Yesterday I had the pleasure of listening to Rob Walker, the author of The Art of Noticing. Although I haven’t read the book yet, he made a very valid point of how rarely we take the time to notice. He talks about noticing from a place of curiosity, and curiosity has so many wonderful repercussions. He described curiosity as, “Not being afraid to ask stupid questions.” He drew a parallel to the curiosity we had when we were very young and we asked any question that popped into our mind—until our parents said, “Because I said so!”

Walker gave us many prompts yesterday to peak our curiosity, but I am only going to share one with you today. Before he finished the call, he gave us some homework; he asked us to take a “gratitude photo.” Of course it would be simple to take a few photos of that which we are grateful for, but I’m going to add a caveat: A photo of anything but the obvious.

Do you know why remaining curious is important? Only because it keeps the mind active, it opens up new thinking, it builds empathy, it literally changes the wiring of your brain, it makes you happier, and it’s contagious! And if you’re in a leadership role, this topic should be even more important to you and your team (read the HBR article attached). So today, I am accepting all pictures of gratitude and I will award the winning photo with an autographed copy of my book, The Wake Up Call. Be curious, be grateful, and send me the photo! This will feed your soul searching for the right shot!



HBR article

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