3-Word Mantra

I recently read a quote from a woman who used a mantra to live her life by. The mantra helped her make all of her decisions, and once she began making better decisions, everything in her life started to get better. What could one say that would do all that?

Her mantra was just three simple words: unwise, better, best. You many have heard these words before, but are you using them? “Unwise, better best” is a way to stop our brain from making emotional decisions. Should I buy the expensive car? Our emotions tell us, “Yes! You deserve it!” But would you still buy the car if you paused and asked, “Unwise, better, best?” That expensive car might fall under unwise and, therefore, allow you to make a better decision.

Where will you use: unwise, better, best? Will it be with shopping, food, alcohol, work, relationships, etc.? Emotional decisions are never our best decisions. I will always reach for chocolate as a snack, but now I’m thinking that most often that will fall under “unwise.” Give it a go, at least for the day. Unwise. Better. Best. It’s your choice.



Essentially, I am this little boy when I am eating chocolate!

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