Rabbit, Rabbit

I was put in a group text about a year ago with 10 other ladies, some of whom I don’t even know, by my friend who wanted all of us to be able to support each other on the Peloton. Sure, we’ve discussed Peloton and a whole lot more, some of which has nothing at all to do with cycling. I usually hate group texts, but this one has been fun.

As you can imagine with 10 women, there has been no lack of chatting, but one particular statement, a while back, stuck with me. One woman innocuously said, “I wake up and do a plank every day.” She wasn’t bragging. Heck, we don’t even know how long the plank is; she was simply sharing her routine. I immediately thought, “How brilliant!” Who doesn’t have the time for one plank? Every day her body knows it did something to improve her health. One plank, rain or shine, without fail, she gets it done. I love this!

Maybe it won’t be a plank for you, but don’t miss the message. What could you do every day, without fail, that would help you be better in some way? I promised myself that on September 1st I’d start the daily plank routine and day one is in the books. It felt good—to begin the routine, not the plank! LOL. What do you think will happen by September 30th? Will I have improved? Will I be stronger? We are about to find out. Will you join me?



P.S. Why is this post titled, “Rabbit, Rabbit?” It’s a superstition wherein a person repeats the words “Rabbit, Rabbit,” aloud upon waking on the first day of a month, to ensure good luck for the rest of it. My college roommate, Holly, shared this with me when we were at Rutgers together and I have said it ever since! Here’s to a lucky month!

Photo by Simona Roubkova on Unsplash

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