The Lesson of Ollie

I have an update on the Adopt_Ollie story that I shared not too long ago. You know my daughter, Devon, and her roommates fostered dear, sweet Ollie. Ollie is a yellow lab that arrived at their doorstep weighing in at a very unhealthy 176 pounds (he’s now 108 lbs!!). He had lived in Mississippi where he was not fed a proper dog diet and he was left outside in a fenced in yard where the local kids threw rocks at him daily. Needless to say, he had a few things he needed to work on. He didn’t like kids or little dogs. He wasn’t good on a leash—and at 176 lbs, he won all pulling contests. But in the house, he was the sweetest most lovable pup you could imagine. After a few failed adoption attempts, Sir Ollie has found his forever home with an amazing woman!

Ollie’s story made me so sad. I wanted him to get adopted so badly, but I knew he had a few quirks—heck, don’t we all? I knew the right person was out there for him, but in the meantime, Devon and her roommates gave Ollie the best home! They loved Ollie and Ollie loved them. Everybody deserves that, don’t they? To love and be loved—I believe so.

Ollie made me think of you and me and how we are interacting with the world. There are Ollies in every aspect of our lives. If we could look past all of the quirks, idiosyncrasies, and yes, irritants, to see the Ollie in everyone. We don’t know what their lives were like or how they were treated or, perhaps, mistreated. When you read that, “little kids threw rocks at Ollie everyday,” did it make you sad? Yes, me, too. I cried. Maybe we should think of that when we are looking at the Ollies in our lives now—did someone “throw rocks” at them? The answer is yes, of course they did. Look, we don’t have to agree on anything to be kind to one another, so let’s be kind to everyone—it will make the world a better place. Going forward, I hope you can see Ollie in everyone.



P.S. To my daughter and her two roommates, I don’t believe you comprehend how wonderful you were to a helpless soul who desperately needed some genuine kindness and love. You’re amazing! Thank you for the lesson! XO

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