Are You A Betting Man?

You may not be a betting kind of person, but what if I asked you to bet a large amount of your money on someone (pick anyone) completing a very hard task? How would you feel about that bet? It’s out of your control. You have to hope you picked the right person and that they won’t give up. And it’s your money on the line, not theirs. Hmm.

Now, what if we changed the bet and I asked you to bet on yourself completing the task? Do you feel a little better? Do you feel like you have a lot more control of this situation? Are you happy that the money you’re betting is riding on you and not someone else? You should feel a lot better.

This is our situation EVERY DAY! Every day you get to bet on you for the hard tasks, for the things in life that you want, for your goals, and for your dreams. But because there is no bet on the line, we waver, we lose confidence, we step back. Do you remember in grade school when we used to say, “I bet you can’t… !” Well, today I am going to offer you the opposite: “I bet you CAN do it, whatever “it” is! I would absolutely bet on you. YOU should definitely bet on YOU! Pick something you want and BET ON YOU! When you put your mind to something, there is nothing you can’t do and nothing that will stop you! You just needed a little push—and I’m happy to provide that push!



P.S. This is your hand in life! Don’t forget that.

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