Clothes Make The Man

Have you ever taken the time to choose an outfit prior to an important event, like a wedding? First, perhaps you thought about what would be appropriate. Then you started to think about what you have in your closet that you really like. And finally, if you’re like me, you have to think about what fits. We always want to look our best, right? This is not an event that we want to walk into the closet at the last minute and grab just anything—it’s too important for that last minute roll of the dice. We want to feel confidant and proud of ourselves, right?

What if you could do that every day with your identity? What identity would you choose to wear today? And exactly like our clothes, it has to be one that is already “in our closet.” You can’t wear an identity that you don’t already own. Some of our identity’s haven’t been worn in a long while, like tenacious, care-free, ambitious, optimistic, risk-taking, light-hearted, kind-hearted, and confidant, but they are all still there. And every day, it’s up to us to decide which one we will wear.

Choosing an identity is much like choosing a daily intention—it’s not necessary, but when you do, everything about that day will change. It puts you in the driver’s seat. You’d never go to a wedding in sweatpants for so many obvious reasons, right? Well, some days, when we don’t choose an identity, it’s exactly like choosing sweatpants! Inadvertently we have chosen self-doubt, wavering, lazy, pessimistic, worried, overburdened, tense, etc., and it’s not a good look. Today, be intentional. What identity will you wear today?


Beth Fitzgerald

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