Friday’s Quote

“A spoonful of honey will catch more flies than a gallon of vinegar.” Benjamin Franklin

The truth is, we all know this. We we’ve heard it a million times. Yet, we still lose our way sometimes. We lose our way because our emotions get the best of us. We lose our way because we are right. Ah, the kiss of death—because we are right. Often, we believe being right entitles us to behave poorly, but does it?

Franklin had a silver-tongue for sure, but what if someone less articulate had to recreate the same quote? And, what if it was from the fly’s perspective? I believe the fly would say, “When you’re mean, I don’t want to be anywhere near you—even when you’re right, but when you’re nice, I’ll do anything for you.” We justify the use of “vinegar,” because we are right, but that doesn’t make anything better—just ask the fly.

So now we know, “vinegar” doesn’t work, EVEN WHEN it’s justified. Being right doesn’t make being mean O.K. It simply makes us mean. Throwing our weight around doesn’t make us more respected, it makes us more resented. So the best leaders knows how to control their emotions. They aren’t on an ego/power trip. They step back and, with great intention, grab the honey. Brilliant.



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Friday’s Quote

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