A Beauty Contest

Last weekend I was listening to Bruce Main, founder and president of UrbanPromise, give a keynote speech. He is a masterful storyteller and he told a story about a beauty contest. It wasn’t an ordinary beauty contest, it went deeper than that. What this beauty contest successfully accomplished was to share with the audience the beauty that isn’t readily visible to the naked eye—they exposed the beauty within.

What is your most beautiful characteristic that I can’t see with my naked eye? Is it your kindness, compassion, generosity, forgiveness, thoughtfulness, honesty, authenticity, composure, humbleness, sense of humor, positivity, patience, open and accepting nature, or something else? Look at those around you, what is their most beautiful characteristic? Have you taken the time to tell them so?

Maybe you never thought about having a beauty contest at home or at work before, but this might change your mind. What if everyone had to share the top 1-3 most beautiful attributes of your family, friends, or colleages that cannot be seen by the naked eye? How do you think everyone would feel afterward? We don’t always know the beauty that others see in us and we certainly don’t tell others about the beauty we see in them, but maybe it’s time to start.



P.S. One of the most beautiful characteristics I see today is when someone is generous with their time. We are all so busy, nobody has time anymore. I am actively working on this. My friend, Terry, always seems to have time—especially when we need her the most—and she’s never rushed. It’s beautiful. She’s beautiful!

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