“When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” ~ Lao Tzu

What is Lao Tzu saying? We all have lack in our world, right? We lack money, promotions, exotic vacations, love, peace, happiness, etc. Think of all that you know you are lacking right now. What do you want more of, so when you get it, you will be happy? A lot, right?

For most of us, having a few extra dollars would be a good thing, so it’s natural for us to want it. But in wanting it, our entire being resonates with lack. If we are feeling lack, then we are vibrating with emotions like deficiency, shortage, absence, failure, inadequacy, poverty, etc. So ask yourself, “Am I really LACKING anything?”

What Tzu is brilliantly trying to convey to us is that it is our feelings of lack that is our demise. Wanting more and challenging ourselves to attain more is 100% O.K. as long as it comes from a place of grateful abundance. We do not lack anything. Look around you! When you are done counting your blessing, I will happily listen to all that you lack—but not before. Happiness and lack can never share the same space—pick one.



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