Yesterday I went to the Princeton UniversityBoston University girls basketball game in Princeton to watch our cousin’s daughter play. It was an exciting game to watch, although the score didn’t reflect the play. Princeton is quite good, but there is one girl on the team who stole the show.

A local NJ girl, Julia Cunningham-#24, was a force to be reckoned with yesterday. Of the five main statistical categories – points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks, she had them all. But what I marveled at the most was her lack of hesitation—if the person covering her made one “wrong” move, she made her pay by driving right to the net. It didn’t always pay off, but I felt like she made everyone play a faster game; she wasn’t giving anyone the time to think about anything.

How does this relate to us? There are many moments in life—work or home—where we think about doing something for way too long. We are afraid to make a move. We want all the conditions for this move to be right, so we hesitate, sometimes permanently. But it doesn’t look like “permanently,” because we think it’s still a possibility. Is it really still a possibility, or are we simply fooling ourselves? Take a lesson from this young phenom, make the move! “Drive to the net” She wasn’t always 100% right, but I’ll tell one thing—she made things happen! You can, too, but only if you move past the fear.



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