On Sunday, we were all getting ready to leave for an event. Doug was patiently waiting for me downstairs as I was finishing putting my make-up on. As I went to leave my bathroom, I felt something in my eye. Quickly, it became a problem that I could not ignore. I tried to rub my eye, but that only made it worse. I went over to my magnifying mirror to see what was causing so much irritation. When I looked closely, I could see the tiniest eyelash protruding from my upper lid onto my eyeball. I carefully removed it and instantly felt the most amazing relief. As I looked down at the culprit, I laughed and thought how could something so little cause so much of a problem?

This made me think about us. We think it’s the big things we have to worry about, but this tiny eyelash made me think of all the little things. Maybe it’s the cumulation of all the little things that matter? What is the “eyelash” in your life right now that’s causing you all the problems? Will you stop long enough right now to name the “eyelash” that’s holding you back? If you can name it, you’ll bring it front and center, and then you can deal with it.

We’ve all had an eyelash in our eye and we all know how irritating that can be. Is your “eyelash” at work or at home? Is it a relationship or a task? Have you thought about why you’re avoiding it? Procrastination certainly isn’t making it better. It’s time to deal with this, right? You’ll feel so much better once you do. I promise.



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