Drive Your Own Success

Do you know what the power is of doing something every day? I could point to exercise as the obvious choice, but what about something more mundane, like brushing your teeth. Powerful, right? Doing something every day is not only powerful, but in some cases, it’s also life changing.

You read this post essentially every day. What kind of impact do you think this meaningful decision has on your mind? Once you read it, those empowering words can’t be unread. You can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. Even if you choose not to act on the motivation, it still registers in your mind as a possibility for you in the future. Maybe a better question is, what would happen if you weren’t reading this every day? Where would your mind go then?

With that in mind and Black Friday just a week away, I have decided to offer 25% off my book, The Wake Up Call. Who, in your life, truly needs to have these kinds of empowering thoughts begin to enter their mindset? Wouldn’t this be a powerful yet inexpensive gift? Maybe your group or team could read it together—what would happen then? That would be where the real power would happen as you encourage each other to act on the ideas. Give it some thought. You get to decide what kind of year 2022 will be for you and those around you. The Wake Up Call may be exactly what drives your success!



Here is the link and the coupon code for 25% off is BLACKFRIDAY, which will be good from now until 11/28:

P.S. Yesterday, my site crashed. The post I wrote should be included today. My apologies for that disruption.

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