Checking In

How many of you reading this have 1:1 check-ins with your employees? If you’re not checking in with your employees, how many of you are checking in with your family members? We check in for a reason, right? We do it to genuinely connect, to engage in open communication, to develop a good relationship, to identify potential issues, to adapt to changes or updates, and more. Checking in shouldn’t be to “check the box” for a colleague or a family member, so what you come prepared to ask truly matters.

For instance, how many of you have asked this question in one of your recent check-ins: “How are you sleeping? Are you getting a good night’s rest?” The answer to those questions will give you a lot of other answers, without ever having to ask them. Sleep is critical and the pandemic isn’t helping. Stress-related insomnia due to the pandemic is a real thing—it even has a name—coronasomnia! If someone isn’t sleeping well, it will impact them in many ways. Encouraging them to address this immediately is important.

I have spent the last year and half trying to perfect my sleep. I’ve spoken to my doctor, I’ve tried different natural supplements, I’ve gone to bed earlier, and more—but most of all, I made it a priority. Getting a good night’s sleep will improve every aspect of your life. I was on a Forbes Coaches Council yesterday listening to The Sleep Doctor, Michael Breus, PhD who reminded me how important sleep is. If you haven’t made it a priority yet, now is the time!



And if you want to read a recent article I published on LinkedIn about checking in as a leader, the link is below.…/your-head-sand-beth…/…

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