Bring This To Thanksgiving

Here we are, just one day away from Thanksgiving. I tell you every year that this is my favorite holiday. It may be because fall is my favorite season, or that I love the whole Thanksgiving spread of food, but I think it’s because everyone celebrates it—it’s everyone’s holiday, if you want it to be.

But even the best holidays bring on some unwanted angst. Maybe you’re not excited to see everyone that will be there—for a multitude of reasons. Maybe it’s one person or many. I have an idea you might want to try to make Thanksgiving a 10 out of 10 for you (and them). It’s our mental attitude that drives everything. If your mind is set on dread or annoyance or hate, that will be mirrored back to you. So here is a tip: set you mind on love. Yes, love!

I used this tip the other day. As you enter Thanksgiving, wherever that may be, tell your mind to send love, to be love, toexude love to everyone there. This is for you, but it will help everyone there as well. To the person you don’t get along with, it’s not going to be resolved today, so simply send love their way. Maybe they have challenges you dont know about. Maybe their road has been tough. You don’t even have to talk with them, but you can send love their way. Maybe that’s how healing begins. It’s the easiest thing we all can bring to Thanksgiving—a loving mindset that we share with everyone. You can’t go wrong with that, and it’s a whole lot better than the mindset you were going to bring!



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