Motivational Monday

I don’t know about you, but I watched a lot of football this past weekend. Thanksgiving is notoriously a big football weekend here in the states. One thing, in particular, in each game caught my eye. It was the running back.

As I watched about 10 different running backs on various different teams, some college and some pro, I was really mystified by how difficult it can be to bring one man down. Sometimes, these strong men get tackled by one man grabbing their ankle with one hand, but there are other times when 5 or more grown men can’t seem to bring them down. I marveled at the physics of it all and it seemed to be hinged on the force of their forward momentum. Maybe it’s part of Newton’s first law of motion: an object in motion stays in motion?

What is it about forward momentum that is so difficult to stop? What ever it is, I want some of that, too! What would you like to start, that if you could just get some forward momentum, you would be really hard to stop? Can we think like a running back? They know about the momentum thing—they know that’s what makes them hard to bring down. Can we agree to harness this concept? 2021 is almost over—we need to think like a running back!



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