Motivational Monday!

Doug and I were in DC this weekend, with all of our children, for some holiday fun. Sunday morning we decided to get gas and add air to one of our tires, that’s being a little pesky, before we left the city. We went to a local gas station, that’s honestly the size of a postage stamp, in downtown DC. And it wasn’t, at all, what we expected.

The gas station attendant, Reed, approached our car with the biggest smile on his face. Doug has exited the car thinking he would be pumping his own gas, but Reed quickly corrected him by saying, “Relax, we do that!” Doug then asked Reed if they have air for tires, and Reed responded, “We do that, too!” Doug continued by asking, “How much does it cost?” Reed laughed out loud with the heartiest of laughs and said, “Where are you from? Air is free here!” And while the gas was pumping, Reed came and cleaned the windshield. I opened the window and told him, “I haven’t seen my windshield cleaned in probably 20 years!” We both had a good laugh about that truth.

Today I am sharing Lessons From Reed. Reed was the happiest person I have met in a long time. Reed went above and beyond. Reed had tremendous pride in his work—he wanted us to be pleased when we left. I’m STILL talking about Reed. I will send people to Reed’s gas station BECAUSE of Reed. I can get gas anywhere, I can’t get Reed, and his service, anywhere. Are people talking about you? What are they saying? Do you make people want to do business with you and your company? Have you ever thought about hiring a leadership consultant? Hire Reed!


Beth Fitzgerald

P.S. Reed insisted on filling our tire with air. He told Doug, “We do that, too!”

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