Motivational Monday!

Doug and I went on a hike yesterday at Baldpate Mountain in NJ. The best part of any hike for me is usually the scenery, but not yesterday. This hike was like I was walking through the set of an old Mad Max movie (a post-apocalyptic action film series, if you are unfamiliar). Most of the trees seemed to have been cut down or ripped from the ground. Everything was devoid of color, everything! It almost seemed like I was walking in a black and white movie—except the sky—the sky was the most brilliant blue, but you really had to look up to see it. And even though it wasn’t a very pretty hike, we kept going. We focused on fresh air, exercise, and quality time together.

I don’t know what your looking for in 2022, but my Mad Max hike is going to help you and me get ready. That hike epitomized portions of life’s journey for me! Life isn’t always pretty, but we have to put in the work. There isn’t always a great photo for us to post on social media so we can extoll our accomplishments, but it doesn’t mean we didnt have fun. It can be boring and mundane, but it doesn’t mean we aren’t accomplishing something! Hard work pays off, so we need to stay the course. Don’t quit because it isn’t what you thought it would be—keep going and find the good. Ask yourself, “why am I putting in the effort?” And always remember to look up, there might just be a beautiful blue sky overhead.

I want you and me to be wildly successful in 2022. Take this week to define what successful means to you. I am going to follow my book, The Wake Up Call, through this coming year (details to come) and I want you to join me. Our first step is to get the book on Amazon of Bookbaby, although most of you probably already have it. Be prepared to end 2022 with the results you are looking for! It might not be pretty, but we’re going to get ‘er done!



P.S. When you get the book, read the last two pages (December 30th and 31st). When does an author ever tell the reader to read the end of the book first? Now, I guess. That’ll set us up to start the the new year strong.

Ted Stiles Preserve at Baldpate Mountain

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