It’s OUR Journey

I love the day or two after Christmas—it’s all about rest and relaxation. The holiday is over and so is all of the entertaining, so there is no pressure. But then New Year’s Eve begins to rear its ugly head, and the pressure gets turned up again, in a different way.

New Year’s Eve is surrounded by these two thoughts: “What did you do this past year that was so phenomenal? And what are you going to do next year that will be even more phenomenal?” And add in a little, “And how does that compare to everyone else’s phenomenal?” Do you see why I hate this time of year? It’s filled with pressure, comparison, and judgement—and that’s just what we are doing to ourselves!

So today, I want us all to prepare for this. Take a deep breath and let all of that pressure and anxiety leave on the exhale. Life is not about anyone else—we are on our own journey. If you simply survived 2021, I’m proud of you! If you are struggling in any way, don’t think you’re alone. We all have struggles regardless of what Facebook and IG are showing us. If we prepare for the onslaught of 2021 highlight reels with the agreement that we will NOT feel the pressure of comparison and judgement, then we won’t. Remember, pressure, comparison, and judgement all come from us; we are the driver of that boat.



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