Winging It

What do you want in 2022? Have you given it any thought? Do you write goals each year or do you simply wing it? We can’t have a great year if we don’t know what a great year looks like, right?

Today is simply about thinking and writing down what you want. You can write categories if you want, I find that really helpful. Some categories could be family, career, health, finance, spiritual, education, etc. Start to let the mind percolate on these topics.

2022 is going to be a great year! We need to decide right now though if we are going to wing it or plan it. Winging is always an option, but not our best one. Planning it, however, even if we choose just ONE category and we go after it like it’s our job, will make ALL the difference. Winging is ordinary, planning is extraordinary! Which one are you?



P.S. Do you have my book, The Wake Up Call? We are starting in January, details tomorrow. I am also hosting a one-night How To Write Game-Changing Goals class in late-January—which is exactly when most resolutions statistically fail.

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