The One-Two Punch

As we get ready for the new year, I have a very small, but fun, task for you today. Take your phone and scroll through all the pictures you took this year. One by one, revisit what happened in 2021. It’s far too difficult to remember an entire year, but your pictures will tell a great story. And as you look at the pictures, ask yourself, “What made me feel happy?”

Very rarely do we get a chance to look over an entire year and reflect upon that which made us happy. Now, with smart phones, we can, so I hope you will. As we move forward with heading into the new year and goal setting, I want us all to be clear on what makes us happy so that we can do more of it. Conversely, I want us all to know what doesn’t make us happy so we can consciously and intentionally do less of that—if possible.

I didnt know how amazing the year was until I scrolled through my pictures. I found myself smiling more and more as the year went on and times I had forgotten were brought back to life through photos. I want 2022 to be a great year for both of us, but let’s find out what makes us happy. Let’s be grateful for what was. What makes you happy is important, but to also be grateful, now that’s the one-two punch we are looking for. Don’t skip this step—start scrolling now and end with a grateful heart.



Vacation fun on Nantucket! We determined there that I am no longer allowed to take selfies because I am the WORST!

Uncle Scott and Aunt Cathy visiting us on vacation made us all so happy! You can’t pick your family, but we have an amazing one.

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