Completing & Finishing

Last night on my monthly call for The Wake Up Call Book Club—which you should considering joining btw—we all discussed what we are looking to accomplish in 2022. We also discussed why we want 2022 to be different than 2021, and a few consistent things rang true for most of whom were on the call.

“Completing” and “Finishing” were the two words we discussed. 2021 was a year in which we all had a lot of ideas and plans, but completing and finishing these aspirations didn’t come to fruition, for one reason or another. That is not uncommon, it’s what happens to most resolutions and goals—they’re made, just not completed.

The Wake Up Call Book Club is all about COMPLETING and FINISHING! 2022 is NOT going to be like 2021. We will be taking one goal (or more) from beginning to end! We will support each other through this journey. We are crossing the finish line together, with goal in hand, and a huge smile on each of our faces that screams, “I DID IT!” Incomplete and unfinished might be O.K. for others, but not us. 2022 is going to be different!



P.S. Sign up on my website under events at so that COMPLETING and FINISHING are a big part of your 2022!

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