Let It Go!

In my search to understand and resolve my back pain, I turned to two great books, one by Dr. Sarno and another by Louise Hay. I got a lot of great information from both, but it was one particular line from Louise Hay’s book that really got me thinking. “Guilt always looks for punishment and punishment creates pain.” That got me thinking.

As a kid, punishment was expected when I did something wrong. I would lose phone privileges, get grounded, or have more chores added to my list. I understood that I had to “pay” for my mistake. But after the punishment was served, I was free to go about my life. All was forgiven, and we moved on. But as adults, I feel like we continuously punish ourselves for mistakes, like it’s almost as if it’s an endless punishment. How many times can we mull over the mistake in our mind, beating ourselves up? It’s not fair, there has to be an end, just like when I was a kid.

Today, I want you and me to ask ourselves, “What am I continuously beating myself up over?” Was it something we said or did? Was it something we didn’t do? Was it about our own eating or drinking habits? Was it a career mistake? Was it a relationship mistake? Whatever it was, it’s over. Ask for forgiveness or forgive yourself, but please remember that no one ever grounded me for life! My parents just wanted me to learn my lesson. And good news: I’m not grounded anymore, I can use my phone, and some chores have been added to my list, but that’s on me! Look, we should all listen to Elsa, “LET IT GO!” (You’re singing, aren’t you?)


Beth Fitzgerald

P.S. Don’t forget to wish Doug Fitzgerald HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!!

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