A Clockwork Orange

Last night I hosted my annual Virtual Goal Setting Class. I love goal setting! We discussed Anthony Burgess, the author of A Clockwork Orange. He wrote the aforementioned book (and several others) when he was diagnosed with what was thought to be a terminal illness and he had just one year to live. He wanted the royalties to help provide for his wife and young son after he passed.

Eventually, his diagnosis was reversed, but not before he had written prolifically for a number of years. Wanting to support his family was such a powerful “Why,” that he was able to successfully accomplish the goal he set out to do, and much more. His perceived lack of time was actually a distinct advantage. And our abundance of time is actually a distinct disadvantage.

How will Burgess’s story help us with our own goals? Time is ticking. Are we going to let another year pass with poor health or poor finances? Are we going to abandon our goals because they got hard or because life got in the way? It’s time, literally, to make the clock our friend and use it to our advantage. Burgess didnt think he had more time, and we might want to capitalize on that kind of thinking!



P.S. I have had a number of people reach out to me and ask if I would do a private goal setting class for their corporate team, and the answer is yes! That’s such a great idea to have your whole team setting goals and acting as accountability partners for each other! Email me for more details at Beth@bethfitzgerald.com

Clock at The Musée d’Orsay in Paris

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