Motivational Monday!

On Friday morning, Doug and I travelled to Delaware County, Pennsylvania, to attend my Aunt Joan’s funeral. She passed away just shy of her 90th birthday. She was incredibly healthy until a few months ago. She is survived by her amazing husband, to whom she was married for 69 amazing years. And she has three fantastic daughters who were also amazing and selfless caregivers to their mom.

As I thought about my aunt, after hearing of her passing, I couldn’t help but think just one thought over and over again, “She always made me feel loved.” She did. She was excited to see me, she laughed at my jokes, and she made me feel undeniably loved every time I was with her. Not everyone does that. I’d love to tell you I am always lovable, but I’m not. But somehow she chose to see me through a lens that I will never forget and I will always be grateful.

Should we try to take a page from my Aunt Joan’s Book of Love? She didn’t see past my flaws—she loved me AS IS. In her eyes, she loved ME, the whole package. She didn’t try to change me or correct me. I was enough and that’s what she loved. Look around, who in your life could use some “AS IS” love? This person might be at home or at your work. I can assure from firsthand experience, they will never forget your “AS IS” love.



P.S. That was my aunt on her 89th birthday! She looked AMAZING!

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