Are You Courageous and Brilliant?

I was on a call the other day with a friend and she shared a story about what her boss had said in a business meeting with a very important stakeholder. As they were trying to decide how the stakeholder could best support them, my friend’s boss said, “What is the most loving thing we can do?” WHAT? Who asks that?

I think that question is not only courageous but also brilliant! We don’t talk about love in corporate America, but what if we did? Who are you struggling with right now? Love can’t help with a balance sheet or a market trade, but it can help with people. How would your thought process change if you started by asking yourself (and others), “What is the most loving thing we can do?” My guess is—A LOT.

Every thought, word, and action we have during every single day is based on love or fear. Fear contracts, love expands. So if we ask ourselves, “What should I do?” we allow fear to creep into the equation. But if we ask a better question like, “What is the most loving thing I can do?” we box out fear, and only allow love. Love is the answer that expands, reveals, shares, and heals. It’s our choice. Are we courageous enough to ask, “What is the most loving thing we can do?”



If you get these coffees with a fancy heart on top, let the heart remind you to lead with love.

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