Tonight…We Cook!

Last night I was reading a great article from EatingWell. It was about a woman, Nichole Mooney, who started Black Girls Cook, a nonprofit cooking program out of Baltimore Maryland. The bleak statistics on black women’s health inspired her to create a program that helps adolescent girls of color learn about healthy food through culinary training and urban farming. Pretty cool, right?

The pandemic forced the program to go virtual in 2020, which ended up having some amazing benefits. Instead of Mooney and her staff teaching just the girls, it ended up being an opportunity for everyone’s family to get involved in the fun of cooking. This reminded me that cooking together is fun, but we rarely do it. Usually, someone does all the cooking alone and then everyone sits down to eat. Why don’t we make cooking more of an experience? Why are we always in a such rush? Are we always looking to get one more thing done?

I had my friends over recently and we all cooked together—it was so much fun! And during the pandemic, we did a lot of family cooking, but this has waned. Not everything from the pandemic has been bad. Maybe we should take Mooney’s lead and consider cooking together again. Even just sitting in the kitchen and chatting while someone cooks is an experience. We need more experiences. Racing through life isn’t living, it’s existing. Here are some of the benefits of cooking together: it strengthens relationships, it boosts brain power, it creates memories, and it’s a form of mindfulness and self care. Why not give it a try!



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