What Drives You?

What drives you? What gets you up each morning to go to work and do what you do? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Some people hate their jobs, while others enthusiastically profess, “I love what I do!” There are extrinsic motivators that are tangible like money, title, and benefits. And there are intrinsic motivators that are psychological like meaning and purpose. If the carrot-and-stick is an extrinsic motivator, it will likely only last for so long.

Today, I hope you’ll spend a few minutes thinking about what drives you? Innately, most of us like helping other people; is that why you do what you do? Is your purpose in alignment with that of your company? If so, it’s likely you are firing on all cylinders. Kudos to you. But what if you’re one of those people who is unhappy at work? Exploring “what drives you,” is really important. Take the time to examine the things that motivate you intrinsically—those things that are tied to some deep sense of personal satisfaction.

If you’re a leader, you should know the answer to, “What drives you?” for each one of your team members. And if you’re unhappy, you should consider really exploring this for yourself. Extrinsic motivators like money, are usually not sustainable, it’s the intrinsic motivators that propel people forward because they can’t wait to get up each morning and do what they do! They know they are changing the world!



I want to work with him!

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