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“There is no sin in delegating. The sin is in trying to do it all yourself.” Deborah Roberts

Who has too much on their plate right now? Are you all screaming, “ME!” I know I am. So if we can’t get any more time in a day, how do we get ourselves and our work to a manageable place? The answer is in delegating—and most of us aren’t very good at it!

Here are a few of the reasons we don’t delegate: we like the control, we don’t have enough time to mentor/teach, we can do it better and faster, there aren’t enough people, and/or we are uncomfortable asking because we feel we are passing on a burden to someone else. Any of these sound familiar to you? I, too, can resonate with all of these, but I have another question for you: I know you can do it all, and I know you will, but at what cost? The cost is to your health and well being and we don’t want to wait until we are sick to ask for help.

“We accomplish all that we do through delegation, either to time or to people.” Stephen Covey

Here are a few ideas to lighten our load. First, ask for help. At home or at work, simply ask! Someone will gladly lend a hand. Wouldn’t you lend a hand if someone asked? Second, borrow staff—there is someone somewhere who has free time to lend. Third, hire an intern. It’s inexpensive labor and they get to beef up their resume. Finally, look at each task with the RASCI acronym in mind: Are you Responsible, Accountable, Support, Consult, or Inform. Rarely are we “Responsible” for every task that’s on our plate, make sure you are assuming the correct role. And remember, just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should do it—because behind every full and overflowing plate, there is a person whose health and well-being is being severely taxed. Don’t be a hero, it’s not worth it.


Beth Fitzgerald

P.S. Look around, is someone else’s plate too full? Can you lend a hand if your plate is not full?

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