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“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” George Bernard Shaw

On Thursday afternoons I have a weekly call with one of my corporate clients. Last week, someone on the call asked if I could discuss, “frustration caused by miscommunication,” which we did yesterday. I love this topic because, like Shaw so astutely observed, we believe we communicated clearly, but did we?

Communication is to deliver a message that is understood. In our mind, it’s clear as a bell, but we have no idea how it was processed in the minds of others. Some of the main reasons for miscommunication, especially during a pandemic, are poor listening, operating on autopilot, multitasking, missed body language, assumptions, cultural differences, passive aggressive communication, as well as aggressive communication. Do you think any of these resonate with you?

We can all be better communicators if we remember Shaw’s quote. The responsibility for better communication always lies with us, because we are the only ones we can change. Poor listening and multitasking are the two biggest offenders we could improve upon immediately. I was on a call yesterday and I heard the other person typing—I wanted to stop talking and call him out, but I didnt. I certainly didn’t leave the call with a good feeling. If you think communication isn’t incredibly important, think of me on the other end of that call. It changed everything.



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