Motivational Monday

A while ago I was on a call with a potential client and I mentioned signing up for my free blog (this blog!) to help with his personal and professional growth. Before I could even explain why, he adamantly blurted out, “I don’t have time for another email.” O.K., fair enough. I dropped it right there, but it really got me thinking.

We are all busy, I get that, I really do. As a matter of fact, I don’t think there has ever been a time in our lives that we have been busier. Work from home gives us the opportunity to be a 24-7 employee. But if we want to grow, we have to carve out the time to do so, right? There will always be more work we can take on and, therefore, our personal growth will always take a back seat—if we let it. There is the very inconvenient truth.

So if you want to grow personally or professionally, you should consider making the time for it, or it will never happen. Do you know how long it takes, on average, to read one of my blog posts? Just over a minute. One minute to put your mind in GROWTH MODE first thing every morning. This isn’t about my blog. It’s about you and your growth. My blog is just the example. Do you want to grow? Great, how are you going do it? The answer to this question is really important!


Beth Fitzgerald

P.S. Growth is a time management issue first.

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